About Grass Master

Nature is Our Business

What started out as a crazy idea of a junior in college with one truck and lawnmower to his name has evolved into one of Louisiana’s most successful small business stories.

Brandon Luteman launched Grass Master in 2009 as a fairly small operation. But that never stopped Luteman from having big aspirations. In the few years since the company’s founding, Grass Master has grown into the most reputable name in landscape, hardscape, maintenance and irrigation services for home and commercial properties throughout the Southshore and Northshore of Louisiana.

Louisiana Pride – Giving Back to Our Community

A significant part of Grass Master’s success can be rooted back to the company’s commitment toward excellence, including:

  • Maintaining top-of-the-line equipment for optimal performance
  • Remaining on the cutting-edge of professional development and licensure for all employees - our licenses include:
    • Licensed Landscape Horticulturists
    • Licensed Irrigation Contractors
    • Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicators
    • Licensed Arborists
  • Adapting to the client's unique needs and schedules
  • Offering customizable packages to ensure each client pays only for what's needed

But Luteman believes his company’s success can also be attributed to his commitment to hire only local employees.

“We like to give back to our community,” Luteman said. “We like to keep the money local.”

It’s that commitment to his community that’s not only given Luteman (and Grass Master) the personal touch that other providers lack, but it’s also helped him to acquire the type of hardworking, dedicated employees that you’ll only find down here in Louisiana.

What we offer to our clients

When it comes to maintaining your property, there are many components to factor in, including (but not excluded to):

  • Landscape and hardscape design
  • Scheduled cleanups and maintenance
  • Irrigation/drainage
  • Mulching, etc.

Typically, you’d have to contract all of these assorted services to several different vendors. This can get costly and confusing.

We aim to make your life easier.

At Grass Master, we offer complete, in-house, turnkey solutions, meaning one phone call to us is all you’ll need to make sure your property remains in pristine condition every single day, for years to come.

We have the licenses, capability, and passion to fully design and landscape any size property.
- Brandon Luteman – President, Grass Master

What to expect when working with Grass Master

Our working relationship with clients begins with a formal bid process. If and when you accept our bid, we’ll get to work customizing your maintenance needs based on ongoing discussions as well as our own assessments and examinations.

It typically takes about a week, following a bid acceptance, for us to fully maintain a property. This, of course, may vary based on property sizes and unforeseen circumstances.

However, we stand behind our word that within one month of bid acceptance, we’ll have your property up to the level of standards that you expect and deserve.

That’s the Grass Master difference.

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